• An Ordinary Couple

    We are an ordinary couple of ordinary means, living in an ordinary house, with the ordinary challenges. Join us as we share with you our extraordinary travel adventures, tips and tricks for traveling on a budget and ideas for you to consider as you dream and plan for your own extraordinary travels.

  • Italian Adventures

    Lunch with an Italian Princess and castle tours in the countryside, rainy day visits to medieval cities and Christmas traditions blending together past and present in a tiny rural village, are all part of the Italian adventure stories. Share the fun of learning to manage laundry in a Tuscan farmhouse during the winter, finding the best local pizza in the region and dining without lights in a small trattoria in a back alley of Venice. Italy offers abundant adventures, both on and off the beaten path and you are provided a front row seat as an Ordinary Couple explores the wonders of Italy, meeting people, visiting unique destinations and creating memories and stories along the way.

  • Personal Journeys

    Every day is a journey, if we wish to see it as such. This chapter explores the journeys of the heart, as an Ordinary Couple considers the situations that make life and travel beautiful and meaningful. How do we see beyond the ordinary? With our hearts. The question is asked, and the reader must ponder and consider -


    “What did you see today?”

  • Island Time in Honduras

    Laugh at the funny stories of life on island time and share an Ordinary Couple's adventures as they visit the Honduran island of Roatan in pursuit of purchasing land on this small divers paradise. Share their unique experiences, as they meet and work with the locals and learn to navigate Honduran political waters, entertaining Honduran government officials with Trail Mix and dinner. Island time is it's own time zone and this chapter will leave you laughing and yearning for your own palm tree and ocean.

  • Cruising Through France

    France has many canals that wind through the countryside and exploring them on a slow moving houseboat is an ideal way to experience tiny rural villages and meet new friends. But houseboats can be tricky and often, when they are only as wide as the canal and the locks are unmanned, the journey can become a challenge that leads to funny, and not so funny, adventures. Delight in the Ordinary Couple's stories of France, laughing along the way as you read Tom's Take of navigating a houseboat through narrow canals, struggling to speak French and be understood, and driving through Paris without GPS or directions. Share in the moving experience of visiting Normandy and the D-Day beaches, bringing the history and lessons of World War II alive, then travel to Belgium to experience a World War II Concentration Camp. Their visit to France brings funny stories, boating adventures and the history of World War II to life.

  • Epiloge


    Our desire is to inspire every ordinary person and couple to realize their dream of traveling and until we meet again, we ask,


          “What did you see today?”




Writing this book was a labor of love. Others have traveled the world far more extensively than have I, but the stories are real, they are genuine, and they are achievable. The places we have visited and the people we have met, make this book unique and heartfelt.


My husband and I have traveled to many places beyond those detailed in this book, and we hope to travel to many more before our days are through. Sharing our simple stories, our unique adventures,and most importantly, our faith, with all of you, is truly what makes the travels extraordinary.


Let the stories inspire you - let them cause you to dream and your mind to wander to new places - real or imagined. Breathe deeply and imagine the scents of the places you read about - close your eyes and picture the mountain top villages or the swaying palm trees on a white sand beach. Feel the soft island air caress your cheeks and for a little while, visualize yourself experiencing your own extraordinary travel adventures.


From the castles of ancient Italy to the canals of rural France, "Extraordinary Travels of an Ordinary Couple" chronicles the extraordinary adventures of an ordinary couple exploring the world. Their stories will take you into their adventures, sharing the fun and engaging experiences along with the heartfelt, touching moments of each trip.


Discover the delights of having lunch with an Italian princess, navigating French canals in a self-guided houseboat, visiting the shores of Normandy, and learning to conduct international business with Honduran government officials. All of this, coupled with tips and tricks for how to travel on a budget, will give readers exciting and unique ideas for exploring the world.


Travel doesn't have to cost a lot or take place in remote and exotic locations to be extraordinary. Extraordinary travel comes from the ordinary heart that is open and willing to see the unique sides of humanity and the world we share.


"Extraordinary Travels of an Ordinary Couple" takes you beyond passport stamps and airport blunders to the wonder of the world around us.


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