We enjoy hearing from other travelers, photographers, readers, divers and friends.  Sandy and Tom operate a travel tour company, Ordinary Couple Travels and would love to help you plan your extraordinary travel adventures!  Watch this website for travel offers and updates and send us your email to be added to our email list.

Sandy presents a fun and informative workshop called, “Plan! Pack! Go!  Planning Extraordinary Travels on an Ordinary Budget”.  In this engaging and interactive seminar, participants learn tips and tricks for planning their own extraordinary travels, learning to research and identify the best destinations and deals for their interests, and the steps for putting it all together for a successful vacation that friends and family will remember for years to come.

Remember, travel doesn’t have to take place in exotic locations, break the bank or cost a lot to be extraordinary.  Extraordinary travels come from the ordinary heart, and the mission of Ordinary Couple Travels is to help you experience travel beyond the passport stamp!

Please contact Sandy by email with travel questions or tour inquiries, book inquiries or to arrange speaking engagements.


For any questions or inquiries related to SCUBA, underwater or land photography, purchasing photos, or to arrange a photo shoot, contact Tom. Photography and diving are his departments!


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We will continue to blog our stories, trip information and ideas, book updates, etc., but we get our best ideas from hearing about the adventures of other travelers.

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