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Ever since the first trip I’ve ever taken, I’ve appreciated the benefits of group travel. From adventures in Peru, to city hopping in Europe, I love group travel. Yes it has its downsides, and sometimes you just want to travel solo. However if you get like-minded people together, looking for the same thing, it can be amazing. Some of my lifelong friends have come from these trips.  As a result, Tom and I have developed a new concept for group travels.  We will be arranging small group tours and experiences, most of which we will escort and lead, and will be inviting you and your friends to join us.  Some of the group tours will have specific focuses, such as SCUBA diving in Tahiti, photography in Europe, distilleries and castles in Scotland and bicycle trips in France.


Here are what I consider the best reasons for everyone to try group travel, at least once, in their lifetime:

1.  Lifelong Friends.  I’ve found the friends I’ve made in group travel have become some of my best travel friends, and from all over the world. When you put like-minded people together, this just happens. I still keep in touch with people I trekked with 10 years ago, from all over the world.

2.  Meet like-minded people.   I’ve always connected instantly with people from group trips. You share travel stories, have similar interests, and most importantly you’ve made the same decision to see the planet. Brilliant.

3.  It's for everyone.  Whether you're a solo traveler, retired traveler or a small group of friends joining a larger group, everyone is included and enjoys the experience.

4.  Push your comfort zone.  If you're going in a group, you may try new things that you wouldn't have considered alone.

5.  Safety. The old adage, "there's safety in numbers", still rings true and it's comforting to be with a group of familiar faces when you're in a new country or situation.

6.  Excellent guides. In a small group we can arrange for our own guides to take us through our destination at our pace, and we can ask our questions.  Having a personal, excellent guide will make the  destination come to life for everyone.



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