Domestic USA, Hawaii & Alaska

“Oh beautiful, for spacious skies and amber waves of grain.  For purple mountains majesties, above the fruited plain!  America, America, God shed his grace on thee…..”

America is so beautiful and diverse, with many open roads, small towns and large cities, museums, historical sites, cultural and food varieties, wildlife, oceans and mountains.  There is literally something for everyone in this vast country and we can help you discover the hidden gems of this land we call home.

Sandy’s favorite things include taking a road trip across the continent, staying in small towns and historic villages, eating in small local establishments, hiking the National Park trails, sampling wines in small California vineyards and breathing in the scent of the sea on every coastline of the USA.

Jennifer loves the lights and magic of the large cities, the cultural explosions of people, iconic bridges and monuments, shopping and cinema productions.

Both Sandy & Jennifer have visited the Hawaiian Islands many times and it is hands down their favorite destination for a relaxing, simple vacation.   They know the best beaches, the best resorts or family style condominium properties and more, ensuring clients have the most remarkable trip possible.

Alaska is the outdoorsman dream, with fishing, hunting, hiking photography, wildlife, sweeping mountain vistas and dramatic shorelines and glaciers.  Whether you are interested in a driving vacation, an Alaska cruise or both, we can help you create the perfect Alaska vacation.

There is so much to see we can help you plan the perfect American getaway, including:

• Hotel, air, rental car and tours (private and small group)

• We can create customized Itineraries that include iconic cities and


• Organized tours and American River Cruises

• Finding and booking the best VRBO rentals for you anywhere in the USA,

  Canada and Mexico!


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