As a child, Sandy was an avid reader and particularly enjoyed learning about new places and different cultures. That interest grew and developed, and as an adult, Sandy began to transfer her love of reading about the world into a love of traveling to experience new destinations and cultures first hand. As she travels, she writes stories chronicling the many adventures she and her husband Tom have experienced. As soon as one trip is over, they are immediately planning and researching their next destination, looking forward to experiencing yet another extraordinary adventure. Her stories are genuine and heartfelt, as she captures the touching, informative and humorous perspectives of traveling throughout the world.  Extraordinary Travels of an Ordinary Couple  is her first publication.

Sandy was raised in Colorado where she and Tom still live today. She holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education from Colorado Christian University and has always enjoyed authoring short stories, travel essay collections and articles and personal journals, in addition to her reading and research.

A natural extension of writing and publishing her book was the creation of her own travel agency, Ordinary Couple Travels. Why Ordinary Couples?  Because Sandy believes that anyone with the desire to travel and explore, can and should do so. Travel doesn't have to be reserved for the rich or famous. Ordinary couples everywhere can experience the joy of travel and exploring new places and that's the message that Sandy to wants to deliver with her book, her business, and her own life adventures.


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